Our Sustainability Policies

Smart and Sustainable Farming

In order to be as natural as possible and to ensure great tasting fruit, we go to great lengths to farm smarter. For example, we use mechanical means of weed control with no herbicides. Use of in-row tilling also promotes healthy vine growth while enhancing microbial activity in the soil.

Cover Crops and Organic Composting

Cover crops incorporate nitrogen, build organic matter, control erosion, and aid in soil conservation. By caring for the soil, we build a backbone for a sustainable cropping system that grows healthy every year.

Here we are seeding an organic cover crop in fall

...and the same vineyard in early spring of the following year with great results.

We are now able to transport our own organic compost from Marin, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties to our sites in Anderson Valley. Here we are composting at High Rock Ranch.

Water Conservation

Micropulsators use as little as one third of the water of conventional overhead frost systems. Reducing water usage by 70% is a big gain both for the local water supply and your pocket. We also make use of soil moisture probes and pressure bombs to better manage irrigation. We save water by keeping vines just above their stress level, while enhancing fruit quality. Click on the images below to see our systems at work.

Sure Farm frost drains (SIS) keep your vineyards better protected from pockets of frost.

We use a Frost Dragon and tractor (pictured above) to quickly heat freezing fields. Using a mix of frost-protection methods reduces water usage; the system runs on clean-burning propane.

Night Picking

To provide premium fruit quality, in 2005 AVM began the practice of night picking, which keep our winemakers smiling. Here, a load of Anderson Valley Pinot Noir, from the Juster ranch is on its way to Schramsberg Vineyards in Napa by 8:00 a.m., and our crew is on its way home. The fruit arrives cool and early after a two-hour transport.

Fish Friendly Farming

We take the challenges of farming in an environmentally sensitive area very seriously. We are presently working with Laurel Marcus of Fish Friendly Farming to certify three of our largest vineyard sites. Fish Friendly Farming is a certification program for vineyard properties that are managed to restore fish and wildlife habitat and improve water quality. This wild female steelhead was caught and released unharmed by Winemaker Van Williamson on the Navarro River. Our natural resources and environment are of the highest concern in our day to day farming.